Allen Smith Ace-rated professional aviator. offers aerobatic L-39 airshow excitement.  Share an experience-of-a-lifetime with ACE-rated Allen Smith, aviation professional.
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Allen Smith
Ace Airshow Performer

Russian 2-seater L-39
"Czech Jet" Fighter 

Aerobatic Jet Excitement at its best.  Once-in-a-lifetime "personal"dreamflight experience.

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Aerobatic dreamflight in a two-seater, .9 mach  L-39 fighter jet.  Get details today. Our fully aerobatic dreamflight is high speed excitement, which is custom-tailored to your liking.  Get details today! Ace-rated Pilot Airshow Performer See what it takes to become an ACE rated aeorbatic pilot.

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Personal "Jet Dream Flight" 
Exciting L-39 Super Albatross Fighter Jet flight demos and static display by Allen Smith

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