Have you ever wondered what it is like to just sit in a real combat jet, strap into an ejection seat and get that flush of excitement looking at all of the controls and feeling like your are in command?  Better yet, have you ever imagined what it would be like to actually fly in an active service combat jet with an experienced pilot?  One who will put the plane through it's Combat Paces, and actually let  YOU  fly the plane? 

Stop wondering! Now is your chance to do exactly that, with veteran pilot and airshow performer Allen "Attila" Smith.  Rely on Allen's skills and experience, and his high performance flying career to command your once-in-a-lifetime, Mach 0.9 Dream Flight.  Allen's many accomplishments include a civilian test pilot, flight instructor, contract military research & development pilot, U.S.A.F. Auxiliary (Civil Air Patrol) search-and-rescue (SAR) pilot, contract safety pilot and an instructor for the military, and being one of the very few FAA ACE rate pilots in the L-39, throughout the U.S.A.

So get ready for the adrenaline rush of your lifetime as you and "Atilla" put the L-39 Albatross through its paces.  Get ready to feel first hand what it is like to be the pilot of modern jet fighter.   Sign up today for your DREAM FLIGHT...!


Mission Objective

The main idea here, is for you to have fun, like never before. Nothing can do more to test your adrenaline production than a Mach 0.9 Dream Flight.  Have you ever gone ballistic?  I mean really ballistic!  Standby for that and a whole lot more.  And we always take every precaution to ensure your safety, so that you can fully enjoy the experience of a lifetime. And with you as our honorary Air Boss, each flight can be as docile or as aggressive as you would like, flying between 1 and 8 G’s.  You call the action.  


Our aerobatic Dream Flight averages 30 - 45 minutes with planned fuel stops.  However, at 1 to 8 times the force of gravity and 400+ mph, there is more than enough time to complete your well planned objectives.  So don't put it off any longer.  Act today and make sure that you don't miss an extremely rare opportunity to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime, truly sensational experience that you and your family will remember for ever!


How to Book Your Dream Flight 

To file your flight plan, just call   

We will work with you to schedule a Mach 0.9  Dream Flight that fits your schedule. Our hangar is located at Northeast Airport, approximately 20 miles NE of Philadelphia.  Mission details and local area information about lodging, etc. will be provided well in advance of your flight date.  Please call us with your questions..


Mission Planning

Get started by telling us what you want to experience: a once-in-a-lifetime aerobatic or combat flight, high performance jet flight training or a joy ride that puts your Lear Jet back in the hangar.  Select from numerous Sortie and other options shown below.  We will then develop and review with you, a customized flight plan based upon your intent.  


Maneuvers / Sorties

Our guests may select from  the following options for their flight plan:

Mach  0.9  Maneuver Options

Aerobatics Aerobatics (see below) 

Low Level Profiles Low Level  profiles

You get to take the controls. Take the controls

Combat maneuvers Combat Maneuvers

Need for speed Need-for-Speed flight

Discuss your dreamflight objectives with Attila. Anything you want; 

Inverted flight Inverted Flight Need for speed In-flight cockpit video Extended flight times.As long as you want
Inverted flight Flight Instruction Inverted flight Aerobatic Instruction Inverted flight Performance
Inverted flight Envelope Flights Inverted flight Zero Gravity Apogees
Inverted flight High-speed Low Approaches

Aerobatic Options

Aileron rolls and more. Aileron rolls

Real airshow aerobatics like the Split-S Split S’s 

4 point hesitation roll, just like the Blue Angels. 4-Point hesitation rolls


Aerobatic LoopsLoops

Shake it up baby, and go inverted for as long as you want! Sustained inverted flight

Inverted flight High-speed ban 8’s

Sophisticated aerobatics.Reverse Cubans

You've seen this a thousand times.  Now you can try it. Tuck Under Break (more)

Inverted flight Hammer-head turns  Inverted flight Barrel Rolls  Inverted flight much more . . .

Targets of Interest and Opportunity

Your Dream Flight might just happen to coincide with a local aviation or airshow event.  Or perhaps, you may want to fly over your neighborhood, or on a photo pass over a favorite spot and so on.  We are open to such ideas, provided they are safe, reasonable and within your budget.   In most cases, extending a flight translates into additional expense to cover additional fuel costs and such.  But we'll do everything possible to keep costs down, and to enjoy the extra time with you, doing what we like best.   We will discuss your ideas before we take-off, as part of the mandatory pre-flight safety and emergency procedure briefing.  Among other things, this helps us accurately budget our fuel supply to coincide with the type of flying we will do: i.e.  aerobatics uses up fuel a lot faster than other types of flying.  It will be our pleasure to answer any questions that you might have concerning safety, comfort, objectives and otherwise.   



Pre-flight Briefing


On the day of your flight, we will conduct a preflight briefing (in a classroom) to fully explain each maneuver  in your customized flight plan.  As our guest, it adds a great deal to your comfort, safety, and fun when you fully understand and approve each objective and component in the flight plan, before we take off.  As your host, we must discuss safety and emergency procedures, and each objective.  As noted below, there will be no surprises.   As your captain, Allen does an excellent job of informing you of what to expect before executing a maneuver.  He does an equally fine job of asking you how you are doing during each maneuver.  Truly staying in touch with how you are enjoying and feeling during your Dream Flight.  You can't ask for more than that. 



In-Flight Operations


Both the guest and pilot have "Hot Mikes", which ensures instant and continuous communications at all times throughout the flight, without any buttons to find or push - - just talk normally.  This is for your safety, comfort and fun.  You will be informed of each maneuver before it begins, and there is always reasonable time between maneuvers to "unwind a little", while the pilot clears the area for traffic and sets up the next maneuver.  There are no surprises.  Your flight is also videotaped.  See details below.


In-Flight Changes


As with real missions, things can change once we are airborne.  You might want to extend or abbreviate your Dream Flight..   Or you may want to add, cancel or repeat a maneuver.  That will be up to you, your pilot. Your mission may also be affected by factors beyond our control, such as weather, Air Traffic Control, etc.  Your safety is always our priority.  And if your are not feeling 100% or have simply had enough, simply say "let's go home", or try the familiar combat jargon "knock-it-off", and we will immediately Return To Base ("RTB"). Allen can stop any maneuver at any point during the flying, should you suddenly feel the effects of 8 G's, flying inverted or weightlessness.  All you have to do is ask.  After all, it's your Dream Flight and you are in charge.   We depend heavily on your superior experience and positive referral to other future customers, so we want you to be 110% delighted with your flight and we will do everything possible to make that a reality.  



Each flight is videotaped on an elaborate three camera cockpit system, which includes cockpit and radio comms.  We record forward, side and rear views from the cockpit, including voice comms between you and Allen.  See yourself do a 360 aileron turn, inverted flight and a whole lot more.  The entire flight is taped, from engine run-up to shut down.  Once edited, you will receive a tape, which you, your family, friends and clients can de-brief for a lifetime. View it at home, at the office or in your Boardroom. The experience and the tape are something truly to be envied, and viewing it is guaranteed to refresh your memory and the experience.  The final copy is available on either miniDV (digital), DVD  or a standard VHS format tape. 


Flight Surgeon Clearance

As with all military, general aviation and commercial flying, your captain has ultimate responsibility for the safety of you as the crew, the overall mission and the aircraft.  As such, Allen Smith and Astradyne, Inc. reserve the right to refuse or cancel service to anyone at any time.  Safety is always our number one concern and loyalty, both to those in the air, as well as those on the ground.   On that note, we ask that all of our guests sign a general liability waiver, attesting to their general good health and well-being, and exempting Allen H. Smith and Astradyne, Inc. from risks inherent of this type of activity.  


Allen holds

  More hours inverted then most pilots have right side up
  Level-1Zero Altitude Unrestricted 
  The coveted FAA ACE low-level competency card 
       (the highest airshow aerobatic  credential issued) 
  12,000+ hrs. total in 47 different civilian, military, prop & jet aircraft
  1,000+ hours in the L-39
  An absolutely spotless safety record
  FAA Flight & Instrument Ground Instructor certifications
  Instrument , Commercial, ATP, multi-Engine ratings
 Recent Contract Military L-39 Safety Pilot and Flight Instructor
  Over 15 years of Airshow Performer experience









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