Our V.I.P Specialty Flights serve a large audience and satisfy a wide range of needs.  If you are an event organizer, PAO, a commercial sponsor,  a documentary or made-for-TV film maker,  independent media, a dignitary, executive or HR manager, you should strongly consider our V.I.P. Specialty Flights!    

At  Allen's Airshows, we fully understand how important it is to win the support and/or favor of key individuals for your cause!  Our V.I.P. Specialty Flights are specifically designed to recognize, reward and/or thank your  V.I.P. by giving him or her a memory that will far surpass any tribute, gold watch, plaque or trip to the Islands.   And our 3 camera audio-video taping system is there to capture the excitement and bragging rights, which both your V.I.P. and organization will have for life time.   But above all, we have just One Rule and just One Mission:  

"Our guest  must have the most fun he or she has had in a long time, and perhaps ever!   

And starting at only $1,000.00, our basic V.I.P. Specialty Flight is an exceptional value.  It also has spillover benefit to your entire organization, which benefits from the exposure and the exclusivity of the award.  Trust us when we tell that "everyone in your organization will covet and compete for the chance to be next year's V.I.P. Specialty Flight" recipient.   

V.I.P. Specialty Flights are also a great idea for the business community.  They make perfect Grand Prize giveaways for national, regional and local competitions and contests.  They can also be custom-tailored to meet the promotional spirit of an organization, particular effort or even such as:  a new product rollout,  launching a marketing campaign or introducing a new corporate culture or company wide operating mode.  

To book a VIP Specialty Flight or for more details, contact us  at:
215-887-8269  or email to  atilla39@cs.com.

Mission Overview:  Each aircraft accommodates one pilot and one guest.   Each V.I.P. guest will be treated to live comms during the flight, in which Allen will explain each maneuver in advance.  As with our Dreamflight, our pilot continuously monitors our guest for comfort over the intercom, and with cockpit mirrors.   So as to ensure that he or she is fully enjoying, what will become a truly memorable and pleasant experience.  After all, it is our job to serve as an ambassador for your event, the airshow industry and/or your organization.


Preflight Briefing Before each flight, our guest is treated to a comprehensive Safety and Mission Briefing, in which the guest is advised of every detail of the flight, aerobatic, combat maneuvers, etc.     Out guest is constantly reassured before and during each flight that they are in charge, and that nothing will be done without their permission.  Our guest is advised just prior to beginning each maneuver, and if for any reason they want to return to base, that is exactly what we will do.


Videotaping:  All of our V.I.P. Specialty and media flights offer a three-camera, real-time video and audio taping system.  Upon completion of your flight, your V.I.P.  or media guest will receive a DVD or mini-DV videotape for rebroadcast over the airways or corporate media center.  And you can count on the fact, that they will do just that. 


In summation, our measure of a successful flight is our guest telling YOU that it was "the most fantastic flight of their lives, and that they will never forget it" (for all good reasons).   











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