Allen Smith Ace-rated professional aviator. offers aerobatic L-39 airshow excitement.  Share an experience-of-a-lifetime with ACE-rated Allen Smith, aviation professional.
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Allen Smith
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Russian 2-seater L-39
"Czech Jet" Fighter 

Aerobatic Jet Excitement at its best.  Once-in-a-lifetime "personal"dreamflight experience.

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Aerobatic dreamflight in a two-seater, .9 mach  L-39 fighter jet.  Get details today. Our fully aerobatic dreamflight is high speed excitement, which is custom-tailored to your liking.  Get details today! Ace-rated Pilot Airshow Performer See what it takes to become an ACE rated aeorbatic pilot.

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Exciting L-39 Super Albatross Fighter Jet flight demos and static display by Allen Smith

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05-01-07 romoters, Fans and Sponsors:  We are off to the start of our 2006 season.  Check back regularly for updates to our schedule, and to contact us for sponsorship and promotional considerations. Our beautiful high performance aircraft is a well-known sight on the airshow circuit.  And we can't wait for opportunities to support motion picture, made-for-TV and other video projects, which might require air-to-air aerobatics, high-performance video platforms and more.  And of course, we invite all serious inquiries with regard to attending and performing at your event.  

Promoters, Event-Organizers, equipment manufacturers, Airshow, Aviation Event Sponsors.   Ace Airshow Performer Allen Smith is currently seeking corporate sponsorship.  Looking for a higher-than-average return on promotional advertising $$$, consider sponsoring Allens-Airshows.  We perform in front of millions of loyal aviation fans each year, representing a complete consumer market strata: male, female, military, educated, blue-collar, the young, old and in-between (basically everybody).  Contact Allen at / 215-887-6289